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Our clients:
Medical specialists Teachers Engineers Dentists Lawyers
University degrees: homologation, equivalence and professional recognition
Education Consulting


✓ Approval of foreign higher education (Regulated professions)

✓ Equivalence to foreign higher education

Recognition for the exercise of professions pursuant to Directive 2005/36 / EC

✓ Recognition of professional effects to non-community titles of specialist in Health Sciences

✓ Resources

✓ Preliminary consultation


✓ Approval of foreign studies non university to Certificate in Secondary Education, High School Diploma

✓ Approval of foreign studies to Spanish professional training Profesional

✓ Approval of foreign studies to Artistic and Sport Educations

✓ Resources

Consulting services

Due to our high degree of specialization, we offer consulting services in the field of of Education and Professional Competence.>

Our consulting services are aimed at Universities, Colleges, Educational World Other Entities, Companies and Individual

✓ Education Consulting